Friday Faves

This week was packed with a good mix of work and fun. I’m looking forward to the weekend with our engagement photo shoot tomorrow morning, dinner with friends on Saturday night, and an early Thanksgiving dinner with Jared’s cousins on Sunday afternoon.

One new thing I want to start doing on Fridays is listing my workouts for the week and my plans for the weekend.  This week was a 30-minute HIIT class on Monday, Complete Core on Wednesday, and Barre on Friday. I’m not sure I gave myself enough rest in between these 3 great (but intense) workouts, so I’m going easy on myself this weekend with a jazz class on Saturday and yoga on Sunday.

Have a great weekend everyone!!


Photo Nov 19, 8 22 51 PM

Delicious dinner with my girlfriends. We get together once a month for a themed dinner party and everyone makes something. This month was Syrian food!


Behind the scenes filming the Budstraps Kickstarter video

Photo Nov 19, 7 54 20 PM

Snazzy shoe and sock combo spotted on the subway

Photo Nov 18, 7 45 18 AM

Adorable dish for my jewelry 











Hang on to your buds. BudStraps are here!

I’m excited to tell you all about a great new product that will seriously change the way you work out.  They’re so simple and functional that it’s shocking no one has come up with this before.  So what are BudStraps?


Have you ever been running on the treadmill and your earbud cord gets stuck on something? All of a sudden, your earbud is ripped from your ear and your iPhone fall onto the floor and you need to interrupt your workout to pick everything up again. Happens to me all the time.

Or you’re listening to music and go into a Starbucks. It’s time to pay the cashier, but you can’t hear her with both earbuds in. Your options are:

  1. take one earbud out and hold it awkwardly
  2. let the earbud hang down to your knees where it gets tangled
  3. wrap your earbud cords around your ear, up your shirt, or around your neck – not comfortable

Enter BudStraps.  It’s a lightweight and flexible strap that goes around your neck and clips onto your earbuds.  You barely notice it’s there. I make a point to walk every day during my lunch break and I always bring BudStraps with me.  I take them when I’m at the gym, grocery shopping, the subway…basically anywhere that I’d want to listen to music or a podcast.


If you’d like to get in on the action check out  You’ll have the chance to get discounted Budstraps before they go to retail in a few months.  The campaign will help to create a new sportier design and cool new clip.


**This post has not be sponsored by BudStraps.  All opinions are my own.