Friday Faves

This week was wonderfully productive and fun – a great way to come back from a long weekend. This weekend, I have very little on the agenda which I’m so excited about! Decorating for Hanukkah, hanging out with friends, and what will hopefully be a healthy and delicious brunch that (if all goes well) I’ll share next week!

My workouts this week were varied and super fun. I always try to take a day or two off each week from my heavy workouts, but on those days, I try my best to hit a high step count (which for me is anything over 14,000)

Monday – Zumba at the Ailey Extension

Tuesday – off, 14,685 steps

Wednesday – Barre at FlyBarre

Thursday – off, 16,886 steps

Friday – Spinning at FlyWheel

Saturday – Broadway Dance at Broadway Bodies

Sunday – Yoga at Upper West Side Yoga and Wellness 

Here are some of my faves from the week.

Christmas lights

New York City Christmas lights

Photo Nov 27, 7 06 29 PM

Adorable puppies in adorable sweaters (This is Abbey Road, my parents pup)

Photo Dec 04, 1 33 59 PM

Fishing in the Hudson River. A rare site.

My favorite part of the week - a live recording of Wait Wait Don't Tell Me at the NJ Performing Arts Center. The picture's not great, but I can check this off my bucket list!

My favorite part of the week – a live recording of Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me at the NJ Performing Arts Center. The picture’s not great, but I can check this off my bucket list!


Have a great weekend!!!



**None of the links in this post are affiliates nor is this post sponsored by any of the mentioned studios.  All opinions are my own.



Spinning Before Sunrise


6:15am at Flywheel Lincoln Square

I’m a routine and structure driven person. I love to plan ahead and doing the same activity on a regular basis isn’t boring to me – it’s comforting. I like to re-watch the same TV shows, eat the same breakfast, and exercise at the same time each day.  Being a creature of habit has its pros and cons.  On one hand, it’s easy for me to start a new routine by just committing to it on a regular basis.  On the other hand, when something interrupts my routine, I have a very hard time sticking to my plan.

I like to exercise right after work at least 3 days a week (plus 1 weekend workout).  I prefer to leave directly from the office and head to class so that once it’s done, it’s done.  I can go out with friends or cook a nice meal at home and know that my workout is complete. When I’m on this schedule, I know exactly when I need to eat my meals and my snacks to have enough energy; it works like clockwork.  But when my evening schedule conflicts with this plan, it’s a struggle for me to fit everything in.

This week, my future in-laws are in town.  While I love having them here and enjoy spending time with them, we have plans every night this week and as I planned out my gym schedule I realized there was no way to fit in all of my workouts this week. I knew I’d have to improvise by working out in the morning – before the sun came up.

I won’t lie – this morning was a challenge. A 6am alarm was tough, but planning ahead was the key.  I put that workout on my schedule and signed up for the class on Sunday.  By the time my alarm went off today, I had no excuse.

For me, planning ahead is the best way to stick to a commitment when life gets in the way. What about you? Are you a creature of habit or do you like to vary your routine? What tricks or techniques do you use?